Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

All about the Tulip Festival! The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm has the best flower and family friendly/dog friendly, spring time attraction in the Oregon State.

This is one of the most heavenly places to visit during the spring
There are several Tulip Festivals celebrated in the world, naturally being the biggest ones in the Netherlands, their place of origin.

But in this blog, we will focus on the best one in Oregon, USA, called the Wooden Shoe Farm.

All about why you should go to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

Imagine running, or walking, through 40 acres of tulips of over 120 varieties and shapes and colors, with a beautiful snowy top volcano in the backdrop called Mt. Hood. This is what the Wooden Shoe Farm has to offer.

This is by far the best place of peace and relaxation for the senses and also excitement with the activities promoted yearly at the farm. It doesn’t matter if it rains or if it is sunny, the view will remain spectacular.


The Wooden Shoe Farm is located at 33814 S. Meridian Rd. Woodburn, OR 97071.

When do the tulips bloom?

Tulips in the northern hemisphere bloom in the spring. In Oregon they will bloom end of March until the beginning of May with its peak bloom during the month of April.

Thus the Tulip farm opens only in the spring mostly during the month of April, though depending on the year, they might open sooner and close later.

At other times in the year, especially during the late summer and early fall, the farm is open for the selling of Tulip bulbs ready for planting. They also sell tulips in the spring but in limited quantity and already bloomed in flower pots.

What is the cost?

There are different types of passes detailed below:
$40 season pass, $20 family car one day pass, $5 day pass for ages 13 and older, $15 for individual sunrise entrance pass, $20 senior and 15-foot bus day pass, $40 senior and 15-foot bus season pass, $85 commercial bus day pass, $50 school bus entrance day pass

Hours of operation:

It is open 9am to 6pm.

All about cameras and drones in the farm

Cameras? Are you kidding? The whole place won’t fit in one picture! But it’s the best place for all the photo enthusiasts. Events as Pro Photo Photography classes are also offered on site.
And if you still want pictures with no people, there are early morning sunrise passes for $20.

About drones… you first need to email info@woodenshoe.com and provide them with your FAA Certification as well as insurance paperwork. If they approve it, they will send you an email authorizing you to fly.

Can my dog come to the tulip festival?

YES!!!!! Dogs are welcome every day through out the festival as long as they are on a leash.

There are 2 fun events for dogs at the farm. One is the annual 3K & 5K Muddy Paws Fun Run/Walk, and a Petal Puppies Fundraiser for the Oregon Dog Rescue where professional pictures will be taken at the spot with you and your dog.

Other events at the Wooden Farm

There are Tractor Spark Shows, Steam Tractor Demonstrations, Tulip the Cow Meet and Greet, painting classes and paintball sessions, Wooden Shoe Making Demonstrations, Crafter Market Place, Local Balloon artists, Ride the Tulip Cow Train, real live Alpacas, Marathons, and the best is the Hot Air Balloon rides.

For information about hot air balloon rides call  503-877-4693, for flying and scheduling, and all other event information about events at woodenshoe.com .

Other activities are jump tents, bungee jumper, pony rides, rock wall and zip line available depending on the weather, with prices ranging from $3 to $7.

Food and beverages

There is no festival without food. Because of this, there are different type of food vendors on site.

Our experience

We went here several times in the past before having our own children and then when our firstborn was a baby.

Recently my husband was reminiscing our experience at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm so he dug out our pictures from old CD’s in the storage box.

And, he also made a few videos with the pictures and told me we have to go back to this festival.

Now that our children are older, we need to plan to do this again.

Hopefully this coming spring you too can plan to visit this most beautiful place!!!

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